Sunday, July 31, 2005

Music: None

Sometimes there just isn't anything to say and it seems to me that, aside from some odd surprise occurances, this is likely to be the case at least until September when my friend from England is back over, then I have 2 concerts in October (Dio and The Dogs) and then Alice Cooper in November requiring some going back and forth to England and giving me the illusion of a life *laughs*. Oh well, I guess September isn't so far away, but fear not, I don't think I could possibly be quiet until then lol! I'm just bound as always to find some insane, rambly filler material to keep the cobwebs at bay ;)

Anonymous harry said...

what the hell????I mean Ron! Damn!Did it really get any sadder than Ron going "at the end of the rainbow,inthe morning light , I was looking for love on the back of the winged horse in the shadow of the demon ring "or some such bollox?I mean Ronnie J. Dio!!Listen to Ron, dude!!Then again , Rainbow Rising kicks ass, that was back in the 70,s.....but Ron!!Damn!!

11:43 PM  
Blogger vampyregirl said...

ok, did I miss something...I thought you were in england...I am slightly cornfused right now....but on another subject, I would also like to see the dogs...I don't believe they are touring over here though....that just sucks!!

2:05 AM  
Blogger mD said...

*falls over laughing!* Rumor has it that it will be lots of the 'Dream Evil' and 'Holy Diver' stuff *crosses fingers* cause me likey those hehe! And I'm going neener! :b

Heh! Nope Vampy, I'm from N.Ireland, I was in England for about 2 years but been home maybe 3 years now, I think, because well it was probably better for my sanity, wasn't living in a great building neighbor wise lol! And if your a dogs fan you rock even harder than I thought woot! The tour right now does just look like mainland UK... I hope ya get to see them sometime though :)

7:16 PM  

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