Monday, March 18, 2002


This would be funny if they weren't actually serious... I get a letter yesterday with the previous tenants' name on it and it's obviously a bill or something important, so thinking, like the electricity and gas, it's something I might have to change over to to my name or inform them that the previous tenant is long gone and I'm not responsible, I open it to find it's from a debt collectors informing said former occupant that they are sending the bailifs in to remove anything up to the value of the huge water bill that was not paid if it's not settled within 7 days.

I get straight on the phone and tell them that if I return on any day to find anyone has forcefully entered my flat and touched anything, I will not be responsible for myself and that I have only recently moved and have no idea where this person is, he is obviously not happy with my 'forceful' attitude and tells me I could be prosecuted for opening the letter as it wasn't addressed to me. Yeah....right, if I hadn't, how fast would the same fuckwits have fixed things had they just done whatever it is they do if I had thrown the letter out or sent it back whenever because I would have had no idea it would have needed to be replied to within a week
what a joke.....

Anyway, now for the rest! well all in all it was a great week-end, my friend came up Friday afternoon, unfourtuneatly I hadn't been asleep since Thursday morning and was a bit spaced but I made it till 2am Friday night, what a trouper eh? *grin* We had a great time vegging, laughing, watching tv and just being silly. Saturday we wandered around town, bought bit's and peices mostly consisting of nose studs and some amber and tigers eye from a great new age stall I discovered, had a few drinks and tried building a wooden computer desk I'd got cheap leading to much drunken swearing and hillarity lol!
Had to get up for work on Sunday, and I couldn't wait to get back as we were heading to the local for St Paddys celebrations, and for the first time in a very long while I got to dress up and go out!!! It was fantastic, the atmosphere was wonderfull and everyone was getting into the spirit [and the Guiness hehe] Got back to the flat, chatted and partied on till around 4am and my friend left this morning after ldropping me off at work. Roll on the next visit :)


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