Wednesday, June 26, 2002

About time for an update

I'm so groggy right now, eugh... had to go to work for 9am this morning and finished at 2:30, and yes I know most people are doing the same, having to get to work for 9, but I'm not used to it my normal working day starting at 12 and I'm happy with that thank you very much.
I don't handle mornings and waking up very well regardless of the time and the early start was made worse by my now infamous ,if you happen to read this thing now and again I'm bound to have mentioned them lol!, neighbors on their forth night of 'partying'

Anyway, I got home fell sound asleep and now that I have just got up my eyes are bugging out of my head stingy, I'm feeling shaky and and dehydrated and all the usual stuff that makes me so hate the physicallity of waking up

Now for my uncle, on the upside he has been sent home to recover although he is stuck in a half body cast thing as far as If been told, but things are looking up :)

And now..... *drumroll* for the most exciting adventure of the week, I made it into Leeds for a James Marsters [aka 'Spike' from Buffy] signing, I stood and waited for 6 hours to talk to the man and every minute was worth it.
He couldn't have been sweeter, so cute too, he was very much overawed at the response from the fans and took time to speak personally to everyone, always focusing on the them with plenty of direct eye contact and was genuinely pleased and surprised with all the compliments and little pressies that people had brought for him. He also stayed much longer than anticipated trying to get to everyone that had turned up. James your pretty cool ;)


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