Monday, September 30, 2002

*Sitting with glass of red wine in hand*

So would you if you were about to open your visa statement lol! *is afraid, very, very afraid*

Well, Amsterdam was fabulous! Baorded the ship to go over and we had dancers and singers welcome us onboard, pretty cool and then discovered we ahd a 4 berth cabin all to ourselves weeeeeee!!!!!!!! and it was way comfier than I expected. Roamed around exploring the ship, it was a floatong city I swear! Cinema, shops, casino, restaurants and a pool.

Choose where we wanted to eat, had a few drinks and our meal, then headed back to get changed and go watch the show they had on for that night. A dancing/singing troupe with one very droolable male dancer, it wasn't alcohol warming me up then ;) Proceded to drink even more and headed off another bar to see what was happening, which turned out to be a DJ doing request so I hassled him mercilessly until he played Nickelbacks 'How you remind me' which was the only decent thing he had lol! Went back to the cabin and collapsed

Docked the next morning and were met with a fleet of coaches to take us into the main city on a tour after which we had about 4 hours to do whatever we wanted. I have never seen somany bycicles in my life in one place but it was ver pretty. Roamed around the local floating flower market and got myself a bonsai tree and some 'queen of night' black tulips, pics when I can afford to get them developed, wandered through lots of shops and side streetsand through the main square also got me some very nice 'cookies' that meant when we got home and eat dinner in the same place again I couldn't quite find the energy to go very far that night *giggles* :p

All in all a great trip and drove home on the Thursday, morning having arrived back about 9:30am, in a pretty good mood :D


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