Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Halloween and Hamsters!

Well I have to say Halloween was a great success, my friend came down for the week and on Thursday we wen't out 'dressed to kill' ;) my friend a la Buffy type complete with Mr Pointy lol, a branch we picked up and sharpened, [hard to believe we're in our 30s eh? :D]and myself as the Vamp of course, being that we were just about the only two entering the spirit of the season we had some very peculiar looks and ended up with our very own entourage and quite a lot of free alcohol. Went home and spent a little time outside talking, laughing and having a great drunken time running around with sparklers and glo sticks lol lol! Yay!

Friday saw me very hungover and on my way to the doctors to see if there was anything to be done about the damage to my back due to 3rd degree burns from being an idiot, no human being with skin as pale as mine has any right to be in the sun lol! Unfotunately the damage is done, blood vessels ruptured, pretty isn't it, and my back will pretty much be dry irratated and itchy permanently :( The best advice she ahd was that I keep it moisturised, meh.. I kind had guessed that one

Saturday, was quiet but I aquired some new additions :D two tiny little roborovski hamsters and they are just the sweetest things! very small and very, very, fast I actually managed to get a quick snap, grainy cause well the camera's crappy and besides this was a one time opportunity lol and I had no time to really set anything up, they are shy and I hadn't been able to handle them so when one of them was being inquisitve and letting me fuss over it I had to catch it


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