Thursday, January 16, 2003

Super UBER Tired

Yes I wandered away for a while again, this time to stay with a friend I hadn't seen in almost 3 years! Arrived on Saturday afternoon and just like old times we ended up in a pub for a couple of pints before heading back to her house where we slouched in front of her huge open fire, they live way out in the country, drank vodka and caught up on all that had happened in the meantime. Which was considerable since she had spent a year living in Austrailia, met the man of her dreams and is all seet to return hopefully in May, sadly for me as it seems we've only just met up again *sigh* does give me free accomodation when I'm out there though :D and I had been living and working in England. Eventually fell asleep about 4am

Woke up the next afternoon, well it is the country no-one is rushing to do anything lol!, to a huge homecooked feast, her mum made enought soda bread, potato bread and wheaton to feed an army! We were both still quite hungover so it was a pretty quiet day and night

Monday we went into the nearest village to have a look around of course we found a bar before we found any shops we wanted, spent the day there, and yes we did make to the shops eventually although I didn't get anything, and then back home where we once again slouched by the fire for a while then moved into her room with the rest of the vodka and listened to music while looking at pictures of her time in Oz and talking about all the places we had both been to and about how loking forward she is to getting back as she misses it so much and especially her Aussi bloke :D I hope it all works out for her and it doesn't go the way some of these things do but all in all she has known him longer than some know each other before they get married so who knows! Wokw up still in my clothes the next afternoon hehe!

Got home on Tuesday to find that although I have been made redundant the company have gone into administration and will not be paying us, or so they think..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and right now I'm in too good a place to dwell on it so I'll save my raving about that for another day


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