Monday, March 10, 2003

Audience Participation

WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! got back on the 3rd, a day earlier than planned but i'll cover that later, and there waiting for me was a brand new Compaq computer Presario 6000, black and silver with 17" screen, windows XP, cd writer, the works! and basically making my old little destop look like the dinosaur it was. It actually was a replacement for my brothers computer which he managed to trash but he decided that as he very rarely used it, if at all, and provided he can use it when he wants it's all mine *hugs 'puter* :D So I've been spending time setting it up and adding all the software needed for the things I had on the old one etc.

My friend and I flew back a day early because we had tickets for Patrick Kielty and taping got moved up a day. Thankfully the tickets arrived in time for us to find out, check it wasn't a misprint and change the flight. Seems he was doing something for Comic Relief and couldn't be there on the ususal Wednesday. It was such a good night, my mum, brother, friend and myself all went along before editing the whole thing took about 2 hours and it was for a half hour show, so wierd seeing how it was all put together ! I mean we had to clap at the end for the band who had already been on as everything was kinda done back to front and then of course all the bits they wanted to redo we ahd to laugh at again and again lol!!!!!!! But the guy is just so funny, I taped the show when it aired on Friday for posterity :p. Left there and went to a nearby chinese restaurant for food and drinks then went on to another couple of bars until closing, needless to say we were all rather worse for wear but we really did have such a great time! And in case anyone is wondering what this aforementioned brother of mine looks like, well lets just say he's been mobbed and mistaken for Patrick on a couple of occasions lol!


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