Thursday, March 20, 2003

The Holiday

Friday 14th: Picked up my sisters friend and headed to the ferry, laughed and rambled about old times (we all grew up together and I hadn't seen her in quite some time) over a couple of drinks. Arrived, met my sister and her husband to be :D and we decided on going for something to eat nearby as he was leaving for Dublin to see friends for St.Pats and it was much easier than going home to drive him straight back. Went back after dropping him off and continued to chat and catch up over so more drinks and we were fairly tired by then :lol

Saturday 15th: Today we decided to do some sightseeing and headed into Glasgow, pretty busy it was too! Managed to get a pair of black trousers before we had to get home as we had tickets for Jongleurs (comedy club) and needed to be there early. What a night! it was awesome, ended up with a free pitcher of beer as there was some sort of mistake and they thought we had ordered two on the little cards they give you to fill in with the drinks you want brought during the break as the bar closes when tha acts are on. Of course we didn't make them any the wiser :p
Our friend had a little problem with the Scots accent :lol but basically everyone was brilliant and the compare was an Irish guy we had seen before so we were assured that at the very least we would enjoy his spot!

Sunday 16th: Edinburg was the place for today and it's a stunning town, really beautiful. Did some more window shopping, had lunch and then walked back through the park and castle grounds. My sister also found her wedding shoes :)

Monday 17th: The big 'P' day!!!!!!!! :D My sister was back at work, so our friend and I decided we'd go back into Glasgow ourselves, quite an adventure lol! finally found the train station, which was the one after the one we needed, got lost and walked a bit to far hehe! This time came back with a pair of combat trousers, black of course and eek! a pair of £80 boots *faints* that's the most money I've spent on myself in one go! But they rock :P

The night is a blur of watching traditional Irish Dancing, music and way to much green alcohol, not to mention the early morning phonecalls to anyone we could remember to seranade them, rather drunkenly badly lol!, with any Irish songs we knew the lyrics too!

Tuesday 18th: A wasted day of recovery and of course phone apologies, so it was pretty quiet. Did go a local place for a chat and a drink before going to see 'Analyse That' at the cinema that night and loved it, well you can't knock De Niro!

Wednesday 19th: *Sigh* time to go home, was exhausted, had drank to much but I hated leaving my sis, love ya hun! :)


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