Sunday, March 02, 2003

Still alive and kicking!

No need to send out the search parties :p My online time for almost 3 weeks now has been kinda iffy because I have been staying with a friend who actually, good gods!, has a life - how dare she!, and isn't quite as attatched to her computer as I tend to be and isn't that keen on me visiting only to leave her by herself in another part of the house while I'm tapping away for hours on end *looks sheepish*

And what have we been up too? Mainly great shopping sprees in between bouts of utter slouching now doesn't that sound like a fantastic time! :D Well, what little redundancy money that did come in I decided I was owed at least a small part of it to spend sutpidly and impulsively so ended up with a couple of new shirts, a bracelet and a few more stones and cystals including the most beautiful egyptian style amethyst pendulum! Of which I just managed to snag some pics :D We also went to the Rocky horror 30th anniversy on Tuesday wich was such an awesome night even though I needed most of the next day to recover thanks to ending up in an Aussie theme bar before and after the show lol!

Now for the small rant.... what the hell has happened to Activetopic? You know, they guys that I get that little shoutbox from that seems to have disappeared... unfortunately because it only seems to have happened since I have been using this computer I don't know if it's just me not getting it, ie: computer sucks, or they really have crashed. Also seems to take a hell of a time to download the journal but don't know if that's conncected or not *shrugs* Well gotta run



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