Saturday, May 03, 2003


What a completely amazing 3 days, County Kerry is so breathtaking, it's hard to imagine all that being out there in the very country you live in and yet I've reached 31 and this is the first time I've seen it! For just some idea, not that you can really conceive of the scale, beauty and remoteness of the place untill you see it for yourself, Kerry : Kerry 2 : Kerry 3

We (mum and myself) left pretty early on the 29th as it's an eight or nine hour drive and we wanted to stop and break it up too, arrived at our hotel (Ballyroe Heights) just in time to dump our bags (we ended up with the honeymoon suite, can you believe it! lol!) and headed down to catch dinner. I highly recommend staying there too, the staff couldn't be nicer, the food is fabulous, so well presented and they don't skimp on it either! Totally exhausted, and knowing we wanted to head off to Dingle to see 'Fungie' the resident dolphin, been there 20 years now, we decided on a few drinks in our room and some unpacking and sorting before we collapsed.

Woke up about 8ish in time for breakfast and headed off to Dingle, about 45km away, down to the harbour and to Slaidín, small cove just outside the harbour, where it seems the most interaction with the dolphin happens. And he didn't let us down! racing with the boat and leaping when it stopped, he was so playfull and fun, and such a cutie hehe! Unfortunately it poured down and gusted so no pics as everyone was busy trying to keep hoods and coats on and hiding cameras lest they get trashed. We had about an hour, then looking like drowned rats and frozen, but man it was worth it!, we had a little look around the town and headed back for dinner and then to get ready as we were off to the theatre where the national folk theatre of Ireland (Siamsa Tíre) had just opened, early I believe, a production of Oileán

This latest production by Siamsa Tíre celebrates and explores Blasket Island living while also challenging our own notions of identity as contemporary islanders. Capturing the spirit of this island community, their traditions and customs, their wealth of song and story, their love and their strong kinship with one another /quote

It was stunning, extremely moving and recieved a standing ovation. Even those , like myself, who may have been far from fluent in Irish, mine is very basic - shame on me.., couln't fail to be touched and understand what was happening.

Next day we decided that having come so far we would see as much as we could so decided to do the ring of Kerry which took up most of the day and is so worth doing, it's amazing, awe inspring stuff. Picked up a chinese, yum, on the way home had a few drinks in the bar and headed back up to the room to very sadly pack and get ready to leave the next morning.

I want to go back, I want to see so much more of Ireland in general. I've never felt more connected, so reminded of of a culture and history that is my own. That's almost worth the trip alone :)


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