Monday, August 25, 2003


Yes, I survived the hen night though it took me until this morning to feel 'normal' It was completely insane, but a certain chief bridesmaid, lets call her 'C', needs to get a hold of herself. Things were going pretty damn well actually, everyone was having a blast and no, they did not need you running around after them telling them when to drink, what to drink, when they should stop, who hadn't done this or that fast enough. Damn girl!!!....... maybe we all should have sat quietly drinking cola and being terribly polite huh?

We all met at the house around 6:30, the whole place was decked out with balloons and we had a table set out on the patio as it was pretty nice with heaps of munchies and of course as it was byo there was an abundance of booze and everyone by the end was making drinks up and poring bits of everything into their glasses lol! Needless to say by the time we were heading out we probably shouldn't have been allowed in anywhere (especially with my sis in a huge pink tutu, silly veil and rainbow fairy wings hehe!) but we ended up at the only place we could find that would accept a hen party. Everyone had a great time, dancing, laughng but it wasn't for me *shivers* truly awful - mostly because the men (or should that be boys) who frequent the place are animals. The sort who think it's perfectly acceptable to push their faces down your chest or push your head elsewhere. Pigs.... I'm still flaming but one of them certainly won't forget he pissed me off in a hurry as he now has a nice set of scratches on his chest and a ripped shirt. Moral of the story if your gonna behave like an animal you'll get the same in return and this cat has claws......he's lucky that's all I did.

Asides from that it was much silliness and we managed to get my sister on the bridge just outside and covered her in so much stuff it was horrible and boy did she stink lol lol!!!!!!!! We amnaged to get my dad to pick us up, no way was a taxi going to take her *evil grin*. Had a few more drinks when we got home and just totally collapsed. It was really cool that a few of those who were there came back yesterday too and we all just lay in the garden laughing and going over it all hehe!


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