Wednesday, September 10, 2003

The short version

Hey the trip was great!

ok, ok I'll elaborate a little more :p Well I finally arrived in Liverpool on the 28th about 1am as the plane was delayed (surprise, surprise...) so we didn't get to my friends house until closer to 2am. Over the weekend we did very little just chilled, drank and went into town to pick up a few last minute things before heading down to London on the Tuesday to stay with my friends sister untill Friday evening then heading to Scotland (yup, I was busy lol!) The trip down to London took most of Tuesday up and we we're pretty beat so we simply grabbed some chinese and crashed out as we wanted to be up pretty early and get into the city.

London is huge....... totally crazy and I got somewhat freaked out by the mass of people who seemed to be heading toward me, why is that? why everytime you need to get somewhere in a huge town the entire population seems to be a huge wave going in the opposite direction and getting in the way lol!. Anyway it was all good, lots of fun running in and out of hugely expensive shops pretending to be rich tee hee :D The tube system to get around wasn't too bad but there is no air down there and by the time we got out of any of the trains we we're boiled and sweaty eugh! Met up with my friends sis and a friend of hers and we went out for pizza, I got charged for the cheese I asked not to be put on the pizza as I'm allergic, personally I didn't really give a damn it wasn't a huge ammount but friends sis went beserk, called the manger etc I wanted to hide under the table. Went back home after that where upon leafing through a magazine my friend stunbled upon the fact that the Ozzy gig I'd done all this running around for was postponed until October 29th. There just wasn't any way to break that one gently to me so she just screamed, me I couldn't believe it and promptly tried to suffocate myself with a pillow and went to bed totally annoyed. Still couldn't believe it when I woke up so we rang to double check and alass it was true......

It was then that her sis came up with the idea that Camden Town might be a pretty good place for me to spend the day as in her words 'all the freaks hang out there' Well that didn't sound to bad lol! so away we went. I decided I wanted to move there, it's an amazing place, I wish I had more time there but I would have needed a fortune there was so much I wanted, I ran through the markets and around the shops like a kid in a candy store (can't you just tell I'm starved for any short of decent shopping places here...) Ended up with a couple of tee's and a red and balck pair of net glovey things. Got a couple of shots of the main street:

Left on Friday morning and most of the day once again was taken up on a train getting ourselves to Scotland this time to my sisters for her hen party the next night. Grabbed some dinner when we got in and opened a bottle of wine and caught up with each other for the rest of what was left of the night. The place looked just fantastic, covered in balloons and streamers, photo's of my sis (this was all organised by one of my sisters friends and we decided she should make a career out of organizing these things she did so well) The rest of the guests arrived Sat morning, already drunk having been boozing sinze the got on the boat at 8am.... and boy are those people loud, obnoxious and common. In Laws from hell just doesn't cut it. Everyone is now seriously worried about this wedding. 'J' (goom) has been a way from them for so long and is so different that it's like he's from a totally different family. My sis took them aside later that day and a had a good 'talk' about what was not going to be happening on the big day, ie the 'fuck sake' etc being every other word out of their mouths in loud brassy Belfast accents. Yes I know I have a N.Irish brogue too but there's a world of difference in not only what I say but how I say it. On the other hand, coming from the area they do if they were any different they would be the ones to stick out like sore thunbs, so it's just something we have to get over and work around lol! (do I sound like a snob yet? :p)

Anyway, the rest of the guests then arrived around 5pm and Fi (sis's friend) had excelled herself, she had party bags organized for everyone, games arranged, one was a mr&mrs take off with a huge box of pressies and my sis got to stick her hand in and take one out every time she got a question right lol! (Fi had previously asked J a huge list of questions and got the answers) We all then had to write down something My sis new about each one of us and something we knew about her, again she picked them out of the box and had to guess who ahd written it. There was also a pin the cucumber on the hunky guy game but that I'll leave up to your imaginations ;). Around 7:30 and decked out with various headgear (horns, paper tiaras and that sort of thing) poppers, little bottles of bubbles, streamers etc we all packed into taxis to go the restaurante/Karaoke bar decided uopon because it deals specifically with hen nights and parties. There by now was 20 or so of us and it was hysterical! absolutely brilliant everyone sang (yup, even me..) danced on the tables - half were even running around barefoot lol! and generally just had a tremendous night, it was so the perfect place to go and my sis was so happy. We did the hugging, crying thing and 'I loooove you' bit too. Insane! Needless to say on the boat the next morning I went to sleep totally wrecked and didn't wake up untill we hit home.

And there ya go, short version, but pretty much covered the lot lol!


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