Tuesday, September 23, 2003

*Small sniffle...*

Meh..... found one of my ickle hamster dudes dead today, just so deflating, dissapointing and sad... Roborovski's are such sweet tiny beings and definately have tiny individual personalities *sigh* the smallest one is so fiesty and a brave little soul lol, the first out to see what's going on and to do battle with intruders :). Yes, I know I'm rambling about hamsters, a dead one at that and one of 7 but it was mine and these smaller little creatures are just as loveable and loved, so yeah.... I'm sad about it.

Anyway, on to happier events. As of Saturday September 20th my sis is a married woman!!!!!!!!! WOOT! CONGRATS HUN!!!!!!!! and as far as weddings go it was totally fantastic, nothing went wrong and everyone had a blast :) The day started at 8am at the hairdresser where my hair was once again tortured and pinned into submission and took on the semblence of a pretty nice criss crossed bun/roll effect. From there we all trooped round the corner to the beauty salon to have our make up done (I normally don't wear any, so between the hair and make up when they finished it wasn't me at all, I was staring at this strange woman lol) After that it was back to the house to get into the dresses, sort out the flowers and try to keep everyone relaxed as stress was defiately beginning to show it's face. Finally around 12:15 the cars arrived and we headed off to the church, there was huge crowd already waiting when we arrived. It was then decided I should be first down the aisle with the other 2 bridesmaids together behind me, it wasn't a very long aisle but it was the longest walk of my life!!!!. My uncle sang as my sister then took her walk down to the alter and she looked so happy so ready for this and radiant :) The ceremony and readings were beautiful and they both had memorised their own vows.

Then came some real fun! It was photo time. These were taken in the most stunning gardens of a private property - the photograper has some sort of deal with the owner that allows him to use them for weddings. The main problem was that it had been raining the night before and the ground was sodden and waterlogged which of course meant that our heels kept sinking into it and on more than one occasion stuck solid. The grooms mother at one stage tried to walk and left hers behind, yup they were so stuck she walked right out of them, myself and another bridesmaid we're only saved from falling on our butts by grabbing the guys sleeve as we went back lol! Insane!. By the time we got back to the car to head for the reception we all looked like we had half the garden stuck to our shoes.

Got to the hotel and I finally managed to catch up with my friend, who had come as my guest, and of course with all the relatives and others over a drink and pretty quickly we were called in for dinner. The hotel had done an unbelieveable job and the service couldn't have been better. My mother made the first speech and did well considering that it was suppossed to be my brother but he was so nervous he was sick and she let him off lol! 'J' (groom) then had me sniffly with his speech and it was obvious how much he loves my sister, I could feel it pour from him, saw it in the sneaky looks he took when he thought no-one was looking, it shined in his eyes. I was so touched, pleased, proud, a million things at once for them both. The best man then made his speech and had the place in an uproar, he's a very, very funny man :D

The rest of the night passed in a haze of noise, music, chatter, dancing and much, much Jack Daniels, people just kept handing me glasses it lol! I wasn't feeling much of anything stuff was just happening all around me and I seemed to be watching it from inside, if that makes much sense, but enjoying it all the same!

And there you have it all that can be said, and is remembered, regarding the first of my siblings to tie the knot :)


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