Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Still breathing...

That smell is in the air, that crisp, distinctive aroma I dearly love that signifies the seasons change as it heads toward the colder months ahead, I stood outside and just breathed it in. Normally I am heard to quip "ahhhhhhhhh, I smell winter" lol! That said the forums are looking dandy dressed up in their halloween finest ;)

So, what has been happening? Well remember I had mentioned dying my hair?I finally went and did it hehe you can view a small section here. Aside from that things have been relatively quiet, my friend left yesterday after a 2 week stay and we were pretty much totally lazy just occasionally venturing out shopping , that was until Friday, when after 3 years or more I finally got to go back to a metal/rock club I love and revel in the music, darkness, dry Ice and hot lil Manson lookalike, oh yeah he had it down to a 'T' lol! clothes, hair, make-up. He was pretty popular, made for great entertainment lol! Saturday we went to see Underworld. Too awesome for words! *bounces* and one that I'll be buying. Speaking of films although I already own Razor Blade Smile because yup, I'm obsessed with that film, there was absolutely NO way that upon finding it on DVD for £5.99 I was going to walk out of the store without it, makes the video look like complete pants lol! and of course the extras make it worth while too especially the cast interviews Eileen Daly is just too sweet and really comes accross as a genuinely nice person.

Last but not least, and probably the most huh? and spontaneous thing of all, lil old me decided perhaps it was time to do something interesting, something I already had a foundation, grasp and understanding of and so I found myself enrolling for a parapsychology course (who wants a boring old 'mundane' diploma anyway lol!)

Well it appears I had more to say than I thought *shrugs*


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