Friday, November 07, 2003

Gah! *shakes irate fist*

Another stupid, annoying hospital appointment has been arranged for Monday... Ever feel like a lab rat? I'm fucking sick to the core of it all now. How could I have dared hope that this was over and done with 15 or so years ago... Yes, I have had problems with my bones for most of my life, and various other strange things that have been dealt with but due to the fact that I got talked into getting an updated look at things I have had a slew of the same tests and general poking about that I went through for years way back then, blood pressure, heart, level of bone suckiness and on and on... I know they are neccessary but I'm weary of it all.

However I'm more pissed about this one than any other because it's not a requested or needed test by any doctor whos' care I'm under, nor by anyone who cares about what's going on or not because they in all likelyhood won't ever be seeing me again... I have and will go through enough and I'm in no mood for useless wasting of my time and uneccessary crap. You see, I have been off work for the best part of a year because having been made redundant, having going back home and agreeing to see where the land lay because my back was giving me some aggravation it was discovered that my spine was not in the best shape, lets say they referred to my bones as sand, and untill I can build them up to some degree or at least they stay at the same level of degradation for a while I have been signed off and pick up monthly sick notes so that I can get a pittance of benefit to live on, now being at home it's fine, I'm generally broke but I don't do a lot so I can let it build up and it just about covers my trips to my friend in England and allows for me not to be overwhelmingly overdrawn, and I am permanently overdrawn. But I digress, anyway it's the benifits office that are demanding proof and have requested I see one of their doctors to ensure I'm worthy of continuing to receive money... because yeah.... I'd put myself through pain, carrying heart and bp monitors around, x-rays and echo cardiograms for hilliarity and because I'm bored. Meh......

On a funny note, my friend just phoned me to tell me she fell over on the way back from work and broke her hand *shakes head* poor thing she was in agony. What makes me laugh is that I'm the one with the shitty, fragile, very easily broken bones and I've fallen all over the place, done all sorts of daft things and haven't broken a damn thing lol!


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