Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Someone get me coffee stat! or drag me under a cold shower. I just can't seem to get going at all and I'm staring at the bed knowing that if I go over there I'll never make it back out again, even sitting here I'm fighting to keep my eeys open. It's ridiculous, what's worse is that I know that no ammount of sleep will make a difference.

Yesterday was utter craziness, I finally decided I was going to have to face the town or leave everyone presentless this year, not really the best option, and it goes without saying that the place is nuts. I haven't been pummelled by so much stress and frustration in a long time and I really got snarly. With "move!!!!!!" "fuck off!!!!!!!" and "would you get to fuck out of my way!" (unintentionally) overloudly issuing forth from my mouth I'm amazed I didn't get a fist launched at me or end up in a huge row, perhaps I have a death wish lol! but I certainly wouldn't have been daft enough to respond to my ravings had I met me. I am such a headcase *shakes head*

*above was actually written around 1.30pm yesterday but just as I was about to publish NTL realised we owed them money and killed the computer, phone etc as they tend to do

Well today hasn't exactly been thrilling and eventful, for some strange reason I decided to torture myself and head into town again but almost there I changed my mind and couldn't be bothered, so did some banking instead and got tickets for myself, friend and her love to see a local band playing at New Years. I have no idea what they are like but it's the only place that everyone is happy to go.

Anyway, for now I'm going to veg and watch Lord Of The Rings which has just started, YAY!


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