Monday, December 15, 2003

Scotland and Izzardness

It has been a tremendous week, utterly brilliant and I hated it ending today, hated the prospect that the whole experience was over. Friday my sis picked me up from the ferry with one of our friends who had arrived earlier that day (we grew up with her and are all like sisters :)) we headed back to the flat, ordered lots of pizza, me devouring my normal cheeseless tomato and mushroom, and drank wine while chatting and deciding what we might do while "T" (friend) was there for the weekend. Saturday was hysterical lol! Went shopping around Glasgow, got back to discover another girl we knew (scottish) and a friend of hers were coming down so sis, her hubby, myself, "T" met the other two in Budda for a meal and a few more drinks. Such a fun night, we all ended up pretty smashed and terrifying a young, poor greek student who was our waiter for the evening. Eventually he would only come out if someone was with him hehehe! Sunday was pretty subdued, and we just about got up in time to leave our scottish friends to the train station. we then decided it was cinema time and went off to see S.W.A.T. followed by Matrix : Revolutions, although I loved it I did feel just a tad let down considering the calibre of what had gone before, and we just ended up coming out of there with "what?" all over our faces. Left "T" to the airport on monday evening and the the majority of the week was pretty mundane with sis and hubby back to work and normal routine and me left to my own devices and wanderings.

That brings us round to Friday again. Waited on sis to get back from work and then we picked up my brother. We had a blast, poking fun and taking the mick but all in good humor lol! We all headed back to Budda on Satuday afternoon for a few more drinks and food and then myself and bro took off for the SEC Glasgow for the triumph of the entire holiday, the comic genius that is Izzard. I don't think I've ever seen such a huge crowd, the place was enourmous and packed, It was like a rock concert in there!!!!! I thought I was going to explode with the insane atmosphere in the place. We didn't have to wait long before the man himself strode on stage in a red boob tube (fake breasts included) short black skirt and black knee boots looking fabulous as only he can. Second half saw a change of skirt for a long black sparkly number and and the red top changed for black also. My stomach and face ached from almost squealing with laughter from start to finish. The pace, the way the man thinks, well unless you've actually seen him it's way to hard to put into words, to describe except of course for phenomenally and incredibly funny. He's a loathe him or love him kinda guy and I'm a die hard fan, suprised you there eh? ;) You "get him" or you don't though with every gig a sell out it seems many more do than don't. And just to give you a quick peek at what I saw I did manage a couple of not too bad photos:

(Above images are (C) to me. I find these reproduced anywhere else without my permission and I will beat you to death with pointy sticks, poke you with them afterward and then sue you for damaging the sticks! hah!)

And now, I'm totally wrecked and can't really focus any more so good night!


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