Friday, February 13, 2004

HA HA!! I am back baby!!!!

Today NT(hell)L finally arrived and reconnected me, was going to go with BT but well it was just less hassle and less money in the end to stick with what we already had the set up for. Took quite a while to 'encourage' (and quite a lot of dissapointments and ntl deciding they had never heard of us on dates we were given that they didn't turn up on) the brother to settle his account and close it, which it turned out had to be done before they would consider issuing a new account to this house *rolls eyes*. They still managed to fuck it up anyway and once again 2 phone calls and pin numbers later I was taken through the manual installation, which was pretty hectic as the comp isn't in the house so I ran from phone in house to comp in room above garage and vice versa armed with required information untill finally TA DA!!!!! I am finally once again a paid up member of the cyber world :)

There really isn't much more to report in my absence, things seemed so on hold, static while I was offline, sad state of affairs really, and left without that one constant form of interaction depression and moroseness (gods is that even a word? lol!) set in. Funny now that it's back and and freely available there seems so much to get caught up up on and I feel so overwhelmed and 'out of the loop' a little. I'm also chronically tired, but perhaps that is due to a spate of nightmarish dreams, (more than I have had in a long time) broken sleep... My constant running nose and scratchy throat is also telling me I'm run down and have probably picked up the horrendous flu that sent my mum to bed for 3 days. I hope it doesn't hit me just as badly, really I couldn't deal with it and I'm already pissed at how badly I'm already feeling.

But........ I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! for those who actually noticed I wasn't around. Miss me much? ;) I think tomorrow I may feel better equiped and more able to get my head around dealing with everything that has been negleted for nigh on a month nearly *eep...*


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