Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Cell phones

Ever have one of those friends that only call you on your mobile and that talk, talk and talk some more untill it's red hot in your hand and you think if you just hung up they wouldn't know and would carry on mindlessly coversing to no-one? I do and we've just had a nice chat. It is partly my fault though I'm hard to get on the phone so they seem to think they have to make up for all the missed calls and voicemail messages in one go when I finally answer. Still 45 minutes or more with that thing stuck to my ear is not good, and I don't like it so I end up just getting frustrated and short by the end of the conversations and even more determined to leave the thing where I can't hear it and feel compelled to heed it's noise. Don't even get me started on those who think you have money to burn responding to text messages for hours at time becasue they think every single one requires a reply. It has to stop somewhere people! And some just don't require it, if you send me information you have already told me your going to send do we really need to have the 'ok i got it' 'good' 'thanks' yadda yadda yadda texting marathon because if I don't I get one asking where I am or why I haven't answered.

So. yeah occasionally I hate my phone. I feel better.

Now, time to clean this place up and get some laundry done, tomorrow we're picking up my friend as she's coming to stay over St. Patricks. Woot! This time I will try to make it back without a scar a la New Years...


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