Monday, April 12, 2004

My brother, the legend...

So, over the weekend, we've had a girl from New Zealand staying with us. She used to be a neighbor where we last lived and they left about 15 or so years ago, she was just a kid. I was slightly nervous about it because it's been so long and I don't know her any more and I'm just utter crap with home invading strangers lol! But turns out she was ok and we got on really well. On the last night my Brother decided as he was going out with friends that it might be cool to take her with him and give her one night out. Immediately, warning bells went off in my head, you see I know my brother all to well, so taking the poor girl aside I made sure that she had money to get home by herself and warned her to be ready for insanity and him possibly just disappearing.

I wasn't proven wrong... by 11.30 my door was getting hammered. It was her, furious, sober (she doesn't drink) and abandoned. Seems things were going quite well at the bar, just the normal, my bro as usual drank too much too soon and quickly was falling down a lot, not something she is used to. To top that off she had one of his friends pawing at her and was trying to fend him off while some strange girl who liked this guy also harrasssed her about taking 'her man'. My brother the gentelman, was too out of his head to care. When the bar closed, they wanted a party and it was decided they would all head to 'pawing boys' house. Rightly so C. decided she was not going to a strange house with a guy likely to jump on her and no-one there to stop it and wanted to go home. My brother managed to get a taxi for her and rather than putting her in it, offereing any money since she paid on the way down, or letting her know where she was going or how she was going to get in the house he staggered across the street and wasn't seen again. Thankfully I was quite awake, there wasn't anyone in the house itself and she would have had a cold night to sleep outside the door on the steps lol!

Roll on to the morning, mum gets a call around 7.30am at work from the brainless wonder himself asking if she will come get him, she tells him she will but doesn't finish untaill 8am. She finally leaves to pick him up and finds our man running up and down the road he said he would be on, still incredibly drunk, laughing to himself while sporting a fuzzy pink, wide brimmed ladies hat and twirling a huge and heavy bright pink disco ball that the roof of some bar must now be missing.

Yup, that's my boy..........


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