Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Not again!
Music: None, head hurts

Yup my eyes are killing me, and my head is exploding, it just suddenly decided to hit me gah!!!! So when my phone just went off, because it was close enough to pick up, I grimaced and answered. Kind of glad I did, I love to hear where my Doppelganger will appear next lol! Though I'll admit there hasn't been a sighting in a while but I always get informed.

This started waaaaaay back when I was just a kid in school people would keep coming up, strangers, and try to continue conversations or make remarks on conversations they had had with 'me' Then I would find myself barred from places I hadn't been to before for this persons behaviour, it's like some sort of evil me I guess lol! Which actually is quite annoying. Then she turned up in Australia, leaving me to deal with an irate air steward who could not understand why I would not talk to him, or why I was denying having spoken to him! I moved to England where once again I was subjected to whisperings as I passed people by 'oh yeah, that's here that did so and so' NO IT FUCKING WASN'T you loonys! On another occasion on my way home from work I was accosted in the street about being in the paper 'it is you!' 'no, really it is not' 'and you like football' (or something to that effect, could ahve been an article about football for all know) they mentioned football anyway lol.) 'no, I fucking hate football' *continues walking* (hard to remember exact convo's but that's about the gist of it)

On to today, anyway was my friend from England (in a whole other area from where I lived) on the phone to inform me that her boss who I know and have met on a few occassions saw 'me' again today in a shop but didn't have a chance to speak and he came back asking her why she hadn't told him I was over! Of course she informed him that no it can't be me and got on the phone right away because she knows the whole story. All I could think of was 'what! you mean like had the piercings and everything?!!! this is just too much!!!' but she didn't know right then. Too bizarre. Um.... stay in England please, maybe I won't find myself worried about going out and already being in toruble before I've ever been where I'm going.

Now for painkillers.......


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