Friday, May 21, 2004

Music: Slipknot - 'Duality'

(and if you don't know what that is, this isn't going to make much sense lol!) You have to love the drama, agendas', politics, the who's pissed at who now, the backstabbing and insanity. It's unavoidable really, you can't have a group of hyper sensitive, aware, empathic, neurotic, paranoid, passionate and extreme natured beings (including myself)without it. Though it's entertaining non the less I won't be going into any more about it. It's just general observation and anyway I try to keep this place personal and not involve all of that in this space. I know it seems to most that I'm not around or aloof when it comes to being 'seen' or active, spreading myself around, but I am always just quietly keeping up with things. Very occasionally in one or 2 places I might suddenly pop up and dissapear again but the simple fact is while I don't mind dealing with the same stuff, questions time and time again on my own turf so to speak, (I started it, I put myself there for the asking so really can't complain) even that can be tedious. I'm just not going to do that in numerous other places or I might well burn out, I'm slow and easilly distracted, it takes all my time to do the little I have to do around the foums and such. If something catches my interest elsewhere chances are you'll hear from me. Asides from that the insanity front also means I keep myself to myself, such things have been known to spill over and if your anyone from the OVC who has dealt with me before you know I don't 'do' the personal vendettas or inter board shennanigans. I'm only going to ask once for you to keep it where it belongs and away from the uninvolved ie. me and mine thank you lol! Well that's enough rambling, guess either you'll know what I'm talking about or you won't. Amazing what goes through your head in the shower eh? lol!

Speaking of the shower, it appears some invisable force removes my brain as I step in the bathroom, not only have I just previously almost washed my face with shampoo, but this morning I was exceptionally dozy, shampoo'd my hair, rinsed it, went to get the shower gel, the non brain function kicked in I forgot I had just washed it and proceeded to already have another handfull of shampoo in my hair before brain function returned for a moment and this strange deja vu feeling flooded over me. That room is just strange.


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