Monday, May 24, 2004

Should be doing other things...
Music: Whitesnake - 'Rough An' Ready'

Eeek! My friend is coming over from England to stay with me for about a week on Wednesday, I need to get this place fixed up *looks about*.... yup..... I really do. I had a fit and all the clothes I own are now all over the floor and over the chair because I just got fed up and swiped them off the shelves. Why? because everything was in a crumpled no folded mess and I'm determind to get everything back in all nice and neat. As for the rest it's just general disarray again. I also need to find a letter that has gone misssing, it's a hospital appointment, I don't remember just when it's for and need to make sure as I missed the previous 2 and I'm sure the nice doctor lady will have had her fill if I don't show up this time. Maybe I'll just phone, I have an MRI on the 8th so I'm pretty sure that they want to see how things are before that. Not loking forward to that, because I'm not really that sure of what goes on, and I hate that. Hospitals make me nervous to puking point. Hospital appointments that include stuff I don't quite understand means I'm going to be near a nervous breakdown.

Above and beyond all that I really, really need to get back into my parapsychology course, that has been unbelieveably neglected. I need to spend a good 2 or 3 days doing nothing else, switching off the 'puter' closing my door and not coming out untill I have at least got some way ahead. Speaking of that I have a book from the library that has been very helpful and In the mail this morning is a little reminder that it was due back a while ago *add to list* Oh! and my phone dear gods there hasn't been money in that thing forever, unfortunatly that I can't do anything about right now *see missing card, no money etc below* it will go on the list of *needs sorted* when that situation is rectified.

Anyway, maybe I should make a start *laughs*


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