Saturday, June 19, 2004

Blah, blah, blah
Music: Jane's Addiction - 'Just Because'

*shudders* I must face the city tomorrow again having only just been there. Twice in one week is asking for trouble but it's Fathers Day on the 20th, his b'day on July 6th, my brothers b'day July 8th and I have to pick up B'day pressies for my friend (hers is July 2nd) as I'm again off to England to stay with her and won't be back to mid July, so need to get everything now, or at least before Wednesday. I'm hoping the length of this little jaunt doesn't prove too much, I have a tendency to get a tad frustrated with people I have to be around for practically 24/7 without an escape route... One good thing is that I decided upon getting some new clothes for this trip as there have been many voiced opinions on my tendency to constantly wear the same thing *laughs* So in the spirit of trying to cooperate I came home with a band T-shirt (Hole, cute purple/pink heart logo thingy) some black with purple side stripe sweatpants for strategic lounging purposes and to really sicken them another pair of black combats lol! Of course it my usual fare, but it's new right? lol! All this for £27 so hurrah for sales, and being small enough to get away with clothes that say 'ages 15/16' on them that you don't have to pay vat on :D

On another tangent a sentiment expressed approximating 'outside appearance does not denote the worth of the individual but we remain defined by our looks' just really got me up on my soapbox again and it's so true. This wasn't in regards to clothing or 'style', although we know only too well that happens, but human physicality like height whether short or overly tall, weight from the obese to the stick thin, shape, disability and so on, the sort of things that can potentially see people instantly dismissed by certain individuals and clearly only worthy of ridicule or for their entertainment. I just don't understand it, and it bugs me, really, really bugs me that people are so ignorant. I've seen it all too often, groups or individuals walking by sniggering or commenting on others as if they alone in all their perfectness have the right to exist, so seemingly horrified at anything that we as a society deem 'imperfection' that with no knowledge of that person, no idea of the potential harm and longevity of their remarks, what that person's state of mind may be or what they might have been through they feel they have a right to open their mouths. Until you have got over yourself enough to have bothered to get to know them you have forfeited that right full stop no exceptions. It isn't big or clever just pathetic and speaks volumes of your own insecurities. Anyone who ever had anything to say about me, for any reason, that I didn't know found out swiftly that I'm smarter, quicker witted and a lot nastier than them. There is no 'standard model' for humanity and keep in mind the last person who thought they could create what they believed was the perfect race and that there should be one was Hitler....yeah, nice guy *cough*

Yes, I plan on picking away at moranity in my own special way untill they get it on this and possibly many other topics. Anyway, time to close if I'm going to get my ass out of bed at a decent hour and ahve as much of the day as possible to try and get as much as I can done in town. Arg..


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