Friday, June 04, 2004

irritation becomes blind fury...
Music: Quireboys - 'Misled'

Just what the fuck..... do people get licenses to run banks from fucking kinder eggs? Seriously, inquiring minds want to know. My shopping day, limited already as it was, got shorter because I spent most of it in the bank exploding all over it and it's cashiers like a hobbit on crack (in case you were wondering what a homicidal, bad tempered red haired and small irish woman might look like). Why? Because my shiny new card was useless. Must be nearly 2 years fucking on from from my account being defrauded, and they gave me my newest replacement FOR THAT ACCOUNT! and it's still fucking open!!!!!! I bought the HIM ticket with it, used it in a shop today and it was only when trying to get cash out and the machine laughed at me that I went straight to the bank and found out. So I without any questions or any alarm bells going off with anyone I have used an account to purchase stuff that has been defrauded and had the police involved, is suppossed to be fucking closed and should not have had any activity allowed. There is no words for my level of frustration and stress right now. I have another wait for another new card and an appointment on Wednesday with the manger to finish this once and for all. I will try and remain calm at this meeting, but the last time me and a bank manger met it was over this mess when it originally happened and I ended up doing this at him then giving him the fingers and sitting back down in the chair while he took a moment to look stunned. Not incredibly lady like but that's me for ya, I sometimes do things and think about the consequences afterwards especially when I'm in a rage. It was also funny when they tried to get me to sit down and stop pacing up and down the length of the bank, I told them in no uncertain terms that it was the only thing keeping me from doing something much more frightening and they had best just let me keep walking.

Anyway, the bro and his love are staying here tonight becasue we are leaving so early in the morning and we're going to ahve a few drinks. And I need them.


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