Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Just keeps getting better...
Music: Ozzy - 'Suicide Solution'

Well go me!!!!!!!!! Sadly I didn't make her cry, but I did damn well and after I was through (and during the times I let her speak) she informed me that she wanted a new job and was 'going straight out after work to get pissed' her very words lol! I mangled her head, asked her if there was some bank conspiracy to drive me insane, she was so confused lol! So, no tears but I drove her to want to quit her job and hit the bottle. I'm so proud! Anyway, the damn thing can't be closed until it's not in debit status, which means I need to find £195 before they will officially close it, but at least from today there are no longer any cards attatched to or valid when it comes to that account. Now, that brings me to my current and, as I thought, as yet unfrauded account which while I was there turned up a cash withdrawal for £20 from an ATM well after the card had been reported lost that I got the dud replacement for and which appears to have happened at 8:15am on the 3rd. 8:15am? yeah sure I was out wandering about/alive at stupid O'Clock in the morning. Are they fucking nuts! Anyone who knows me will be falling out of their chairs and rolling on the floor about now at that one.... it's wierd because they must have had the pin number to use the machine and why so little? Worst thing it was the machine right at teh end of my road, little to close for comfort there buddy. So, anyway there is now another report off to the retail fraud squad regarding another of my accounts from the same bank. What is it about me or my money that makes people need it so badly that I'm prime target number one for theiving bastards huh? Anyone?


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