Monday, June 07, 2004

Music: HIM - 'Close to the flame'

I HAVE MY HIM TICKETTY GOODNESS! *happy, happy dances* Guess they were on the way before the card fiasco at the bank and anything could be stopped. HURRAH! Now back to the Scottish excursion, not really to much to say, it was totally brilliant, the house was incredible and the party couldn't have been better, people everywhere, spilling outside, drink flowing. Most of it is a half remembered blur lol! We arrived, my sis picked the 4 of us up, me, my bro, his love and one of our friends that my sis and I grew up with and we stopped off on the way back for some yummy food at a pub mid afternoon and started drinking then *eek* Got to the house and had the obligatory tour before my sis raced off to pick up another friend of ours from the train station. On her return we all took ourselves outside the house to the picnic table in the front garden and continued to consume wine for all we were worth. Must admit I was very startled, and so were the others, when having only just about sat down my glass took off from the table at me and covered me in red wine. Now that was just bizarre, there was a moment of silence before everyone did the panicking thing and shouting about how no-one had touched the glass, we'd all just been chatting and it just launched itself and they couldn't understand how if something did happen or moved the table that nothing else wobbled or moved. I didn't care, I was just glad I had another shirt lol!

A little later all the other guests started to arrive and we moved it inside, I just wandered about chatting to gods knows who about gods knows what lol! Some of us wandered out the back, sitting chatting and drinking on the steps, this was were I found my socks the next day. Yeah, I'd tell ya if I knew lol!!!!! Any way that's the gist of it, eventually people started to head home and around 4am I made my way upstairs and fell hapilly onto the mattress provided. Next morning, well afternoon for me, I woke up, showered, packed up and joined everyone else downstairs just in time to head out again for lunch with everyone. It was so damn hot, and I must have looked insane in my black cardi but it was the only thing saving my poor white skin from crisping. The only part of me exposed, my scalp/forehead, which the sun was beating down on, did exactly that, despite everyone's protestations that it wasn't hot enough to burn anyone, Uh huh.... I know when I'm burning.... and the sore red skin on my head knows it too.

Moving on, we left our friend back to the train station and then my sis continued on and left our little motley crue back to the ferry, which as mentioned below was fun *cough* I would have got up and told them to shut up had I thought there would be any chance of my survival, however I'm wise enough to know a group of Belfast so called 'hard men' (if your from Belfast you'll know the type) *dies laughing* would probably play football with my newly detatched head.


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