Monday, August 23, 2004

People do the funniest things lol!
Music: HIM - 'Solitary Man'

Like launching themselves off a 6 metre ramp into freezing water in strange homemade contraptions while in equally mind boggling costumes (check out the pics on the site) lol! Yup I spent the best part of yesterday at the Red Bull Flugtag and it was hysterical. I could not beleive the crowd that turned up because it was a really nasty, rainy and miserable day, hence I didn't bring my own camera, just would have been crap images. No-one seemed to care and the 'contestants' were about to get wet anyway hehe! After that we ended up getting together with the rest of the family and going out for chinese, then I decided to walk it off (well seeing as I have to walk for at least an hour every day anyway) although all I got for my effort was a stitch most likely from deciding to speed walk after a huge meal and soaked through as it was pouring down. I had my brolly but somehow the rain just felt good, and it seemed to spur me on like some sort of status symbol 'look at me, wooo hooo ain't I tough out here with the rain streaming down my face lol! I'm beginning to love that hour, not a thought or a worry in my head, not expected to be anywhere or doing anything else or to be thinking about anything else. Just me and my cd player and a head full of music. I guess sometimes I have not wanted to stop, to keep everything else from pouring in when I reach back home again and the headphones come off.

Well that's it for the moment, by the way sawdust and bedding is being forcefully removed and kicked out by four infuriated hamsters I think they are trying to tell me something.... If they could talk I think as hamster maids go I'd be sacked lol! 'You is a crap housekeeper girly...' (don't ask me, I just imagine hamsters talk that way lol!)


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