Wednesday, August 11, 2004

*Shakes head...*
Music: Placebo - 'Nancy Boy'

Once again I want one of those 'Men In Black' memory removal doodlys... Yesterday was spent trying to find my mum a new cell phone as hers fell apart and although she managed to borrow one for a while, the person who owned it wanted it back. I can't believe either one of us was not murdered by the other before we made it home. The woman is a headcase, how the hell could I possibly be normal? I never stood a chance. We started off at a mall and went to both companies selling phones there where I discovered that my mum apparently was under the impression she could get the smallest and top of the range phone for £20/30 (she had her own sim card just wanted the handset) I explained to her that this wasn't going to happen and if she wanted a phone she was going to have to compromise, stop measuring them all against the phone she was giving up and take the best that was on offer which she was shown and ran from about £40 to £60. They were all 'to big' 'to bulky' 'like something I would have had 15 years ago' and the best one 'I really didn't want to spend a lot because my son is buying me a £300 phone in a couple of months' NO HE FUCKING ISN'T you loon, she told me later this had been to make sure they offered her the cheapest ones, just what!? I again told her she was not going to get the phone that aesthetically pleased her for the money she was willing to spend full stop and making up stories wasn't going to help.

So, we head into town, which is bad enough, walk around all the phone shops where we go through the same thing all over again while mother looks at the poor sales assistants with disdain and continues telling them how crap they are. Eventually a store told us where a guy sold second hand phones and unblocked them too so off we went. I can never show my face there again. She started off as she had in the rest of the stores but it just got worse and worse, her over talking him, refusing to listen, telling him he was talking rubbish, on and on it went neither giving an inch. We got thrown out, or rather she did and I followed head down way behind. I had moved away from her but could still hear. The guy happened to say that his mother could see the writing etc on the screen on one of the phones he was showing her as they were quite big, mothers response was to ask him if she looked like she was 90 years old and that she didn't give a fiddle what his mother could see. As you can guess this did not endear her to the man who then stated he would prefer she didn't say such things about his mother and that he would like her to leave and perhaps she would be more polite next time she walked into a shop.

Finally on the way back, me too bewildered to even be angry, we stopped at a mall close to home on the off chance we might find something there. This time I explained the situation to the guy, and the money she was willing to spend and he showed us what he had. I picked up the smallest one, very cute absolutely fine and only £40 and told her that is what she was having. She had a moment of uncertainty but we left with it. I wanted to cry with thankfulness. And yes I want to forget the whole ordeal. Memory thingy engaged please....commence erasure...


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