Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sleepy me...
Music: Aerosmith - 'My Fist Your Face'

Wow, I have slept for hours. I just felt wiped out and decided to have an early night, which meant I crawled under the covers shortly after midnight and didn't waske up until 11am. I still could sleep more. I think that little japanese woman who is like the oldest woman on earth on something lol! (not quite awake enough to do any further research on that so you'll have to trust me hehe!) had it right when she said it was sleeping for 2 days straight then two days up that had kept her going. In fact the day I read that story I was telling a friend of my mums about it who just looked at me before I had even finished and told me I was't to dare haha! For some reason they have this strange opinion that I'm always asleep just becase I have no wish or desire to be up and and acting like someone on speed at stupid o'clock in the morning thank you.

In any event I did at least yesterday manage to acomplish cleaning out the hamsters. I think I was even given a tip by one, some sunflower seeds, a peanut and a green thing. Well it was either in thanks or a) it barfed in my hand in sheer terror as I made a grab for the fast little bugger b) it was a cunning hamsterish plan in which I would think these things were more interesting to eat than it 'hey lady, I give you these you let me go right? They is much nicer and I is so small'. Heh!. That's hamsters for ya, smartassess.

Enough insanity lol! I had better get on with cleaning up around here now as the friend arrives in the morning to stay for 12 days. I will stay sane, I will stay sane......


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