Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Back to your regularly scheduled nonsense
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Well, my space is finally my own again and I admit to being flooded with relief and also a strange pride at my managing to cope with not only the stress of dealing with having someone so vastly different in personality from myself so close 24/7 but also with the various ways everyone else around not only bombarded me with their looks and quiet comments regarding the same subject but her need to make everything so much more of a deal than it needs to be i.e I don't make an hour drama and have to go through a list of what I have and what should go with it and ask everyone in sight for there opinion to get dressed, not to mention the huffing and puffing to get her to do anything that wasn't her idea. I don't want to feel I need to say sorry and pull a 'please' face because myself or others are trying to include in things going on in the house etc, like my bro's engagement party, or when he wanted her to come in see the ring before he gave it to his love. She also doesn't seem to understand that me mentioning something doesn't mean I need to immediately get online and sort it out, find out about it, arrange doing/getting whatever it may be right then that moment, or make a list of how to go about such. An instance? I mentioned my sisters wedding anniversary is coming up and immediately I am to be getting the card and she is asking me what I'm getting them, pointing out things I should be getting them, just get something, anything because I should that day being out and all. I don't work that way, I don't buy things like that without some sort of thought, or having specific ideas of what I want. I am even more likely to dig my heels in if you put me under that sort of pressure. Things will happen when they happen, I will never be miss organized and treating me like a child that needs directed may be the way some people react to the way I am, may occasionally be necessary but it does not mean I won't occasionally pout, fold my arms, stick my tongue out and be utterly frustrated and want you to give it a rest sometimes.

I did feel a little guilty and uncharitable as she left, as normal I tried to see both sides. What must seem my total chaotic way of being, as it must seem to her, probably drives her just as crazy. Or perhaps we're both just masochists?... Anyway I hit the guilt over the head while it wasn't looking and fed it to the hamsters.

And now for something completely different:

Take the quiz: "Are you an independent thinker?"

A Passive Independent
You are an independent thinker but you don't feel the need to fight everyone on it. You shake your head and quietly snicker when you hear all the propaganda, and you grumble to yourself when you hear the gossip. But hey, what are you gonna do?

To close Hellboy fucking rocks, managed to get to see it, had nooooooo idea Ron Perlman was Reinhardt from Blade 2 though I immediatly had to tell anyone who would listen that I knew it was 'that guy who played vincent!' in Beauty and the Beast Gods I remember thinking that show was the best thing ever way back then. I know it's around 17 years ago lol! but there must be more than me remembers it! I do beleive I possibly cried when 'Catherine' (Linda Hamilton) died.

Nighty night!


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