Monday, September 27, 2004

For fuck sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Music: COF - 'Hurt and Virtue'

Just what the fuck is wrong with my brother, how does he rationalize spending £2000 on my credit card without telling me and letting me find out when the bill comes in. I was in tears, now I'm beyond fury and gods forbid anyone crosses me today... I just can't believe it, it's like he's trying to ruin me and he doesn't seem to get how scary it is and how the interest on that sort of money will cripple me. I'm fighting to clear it, keep it down as it is just from what is my own stuff and all that has been added in interest etc from lending my mother money. Telling me 'well, it was something I was doing at work and I just put it through' doesn't cut it buddy, it's not your fucking card and you can't just go using the number willy nilly when you feel like it, it has to stop I can't be waiting every month to see how much more it has spiralled out of my control because of familly, and I can't even share the stress or talk about it with anyone because I don't want to upset them (ie the parentals) and because I still find myself protecting him from their wrath, though someone please tell me why? I can't believe he thinks this is alright to do to me, I can't believe he thinks placations of 'I'll put it in your account I swear' and 'I'll give you the minimum payment they are looking on top of that' will make it better. He just has no right, and every time I think he has grown up he pulls shit like this *rants and fumes* and yeah, fuck a few more times too.


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