Saturday, September 11, 2004

Miss Anonymous hehe!
Music: Enuff 'Z' Nuff - 'Kiss The Clown'

Yup, apprantly I was, at least comment wise, elsewhere. Earlier in the day yesterday my 'default' Netscape (which I primarilly use because I.E sucks and is so mangled on my 'puter) profile decided it too was not going to play and so I created and used a new one until the default, with all my newly gathered bookmarks and settings, decided to be friendly again. What my brain thought it would keep to itself was that this new profile would not autofill those little comment type things with my nic and addy as the other had. Me being so used to it happening I just rambled away, didn't think or check and when I did this morning and saw of course I had a lightbulb moment lol! So yeah, got strange comments from an unknown being IT WAS ME! hehehehehe! Although I guess anyone who knows me would know it was me simply by what I would have to say and the way it got said :P

Aside from that I need gift ideas... It's my sis's first wedding anniversary on the 20th which means I really need to get my butt in gear if they are going to have anything from me reach them in time. I should go into town today, but I'm having a total blank, besides it's Saturday and that place is hell on toast at the best of times never mind the weekend so I might leave it until Monday when it's quieter and all the little mini peeps are at school. So *pokes* yeah, anyone got any ideas? *looks hopeful* I have been told the first one is the 'paper' anniversary if that helps lol!

Ohhhhhhh, heh! I have just remembered I was on the phone to my old boss last night, he must now think I am utterly nutso.


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