Monday, September 13, 2004

My brother the comedian...
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I woke up to find a text message on my phone. My brother was wondering if I would be so kind as to transfer 300.00 into his bank account as his car payment is due and he doesn't have it. I stared at the phone in stunned, hazy, just awakendness and decided I will be pretending I was never sent any such thing. His income a month - around 2000.00, mine - around 300.00. Hands up those who think I am so generous as to leave myself penniless for the rest of the month, ignore the visa company (do you think they accept 'sorry, can't this month, bro needed his car paid for so very sorry!') and to explain to my sis that she has no 1st wedding anniversary present because I am broke due to giving our male sibling money I don't even have.

That's the truth of it, I don't have 300.00 just laying around, and why is it that everyone in this house asks me the non earner for money *scratches head* The interest on my visa bill is crippling me because of a large amount of money I agreed to lend to my mother at the end of last year on the promise of it being given back immediately. Well I still have not received it all and because of the interest accrued the amount has only gone down by 200.00 though 500.00 has actually gone in at this point.

To end, at this point, if I had 300.00 to pull out of my ass, I very much doubt it would be going to pay someone else's bills. Much as I love him, probably would if it was there and I wasn't in a position where I would be stressing about getting it back, it isn't happening this time. Now, excuse me while I go and feel like the bitch sister from hell because I won't give him money.

[update 1:45pm] So, he decided to phone me because he hadn't had a response. I pretended I hadn't read any messages yet, made out like I read it while he was on the phone and laughed while telling him he was nuts. I told him I didn't have it and he is in a slight panic *continues to feel shitty* On top of that the tips of my fingers and the knuckles on my right hand are all red and sore. That's what I get for giving hamsters food and leaving my hand in when they are starving. (they knocked both the food and water bowl over at some stage last night when I was asleep) little beggars swarmed me like they were tiny, mad, furry, pissed off pirranahs! All sniffing round then rushing in to pick at me. I mean, is that normal?! LOL! Or is this particular breed generally a little on the psychotic side, there is also all the climbing and hanging on the roof etc that is generally not noted hammy behaviour lol!


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