Tuesday, October 26, 2004

*Cough, cough*
Music: Warrant - 'Your The Only Hell Your Mamma Ever Raised'

I am home!!!!!! I had such a damn blast!!! Lots of window shopping, eating out. Got to see Wimbledon which I really liked a lot more than I thought I would as I was being dragged along by my sis 'What? An hour and a half of tennis! Are you nuts?' lol! Thank gods there was more to it than that. Also got to see White Chicks which was just so silly and funny and I laughed my ass off. We also really spoiled ourselves and had a day at a spa thing as well where I had a full body massage, which was quite a strange experience as I had not expected the whole 'pulling hair away from head while resting hand on forehead' thing that the nice massage woman surprised me with hehe! We also met up with a few people we knew in Edinburgh and had one of the best and funninest nights ever in the Hard Rock Cafe, my face ached lol!

Aside from the above I got to see HIM again and it was even better than the last time, Scottish crowds are crazy! :D I managed to get right to the front and have the bruises and scratches to prove it. But who wouldn't suffer for that close a glimpse of the Finnish sex on legs god that is Ville (obsessed much you think? lol!) After that I got an even bigger surprise, for xmas to me from mum and dad, I AM SO GOING TO FLORIDA! WOOT! Yup, myself, my sis and a friend of ours are heading to Orlando beginning of December for a week, we've hired a convertable and my sis wants to hit Clearwater too. So far we have settled on definately seeing Universal Studios, Seaworld, and Animal Kindom I think hehe!

Now I have to go work out how to get as much spending money as possible, get a passport as mine expires in November and oh yeah, get unpacked and sorted out for my friend arriving in a couple of days for Halloween *phew*


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