Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend Recap
Music: The Distillers - 'The Hunger'

Mum took off to Cyprus for a week and as soon as she did both the grill and the dishwasher died. Being as useless as I am this is a bit of a disaster hehe... I mostly grill everything and I have no idea about ovens (when it comes to cooking let's face it I don't know much) and while I don't mind doing my share of the dishes everyone comes in at different times and cooks for themselves so I seem to be constantly washing up, because there is no way in hell anyone else will do it. They eat and go under the impression that the 'cleaning fairy' will eventually turn up and all shall be well. I'm spoiled and I'm wierd because sticking my hands in that icky water and just thinking that anything left on plates etc might touch me just grosses me out (might be better if I had gloves lol!) Aside from that Friday and Saturday were great. My brother, probably still guilt laden, and his love spent both nights here and there was much alcohol (supplied by him) and much singing (again supplied by him and his acoustic guitar) it was fun and good not to have an 'atmoshphere'. It was also too sweet the way they both professed undying love for each other to me every time one or other left the room. I don't know how he has managed to do it, and I often wander if she knows what she has let herself in for, but his love is the sweetest girl. Then again this is mr smoothie, marketing man, talk my way in and out of everythng lol! She never stood a chance lol!

This morning I woke up and there was a parcel waiting for me, a real surprise :D I couldn't wait to get inside and find out what was in there and when I did (the most beautiful hand created, picture and gorgeous dolphin necklace) I just had to share (just click to enlarge). It just made my week :) and as the sender wrote 'better late than never... right?' you bet, they were worth the wait and thank you!!!!!!!!! (though I'm not sure who it is yet hehe!)

Now, just to finish, I caught Phil Jupitus last night and all I have to say is that you are not Eddie Izzard. There is only one. This will mean very little to very few lol!


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