Thursday, November 25, 2004

How's this for bizarre
Music: QOTD - 'Forsaken'

I decided last night to make a conscious effort to recall any dreams I might have. Didn't take much because these were so vivid as to in no way be easily forgotten, but did they have to be so weird!

I'll admit the first one I don't remember a lot of besides the fact myself and others were in a run down building, I think repairing, building etc but also being hunted, attacked and harassed by a huge grey squirrel Godzilla style *cough* yup I said huge grey squirrel (what the hell goes on in my mind?)

Second one, I was again in a building, a school and it appeared I was some kind of teachers aide. I walked in the room I was asked to go to and it was huge with a huge cinema screen and a teacher from my old secondary (or high) school settled in a chair with only 2 seemingly very unruly pupils. She runs the film, I have no clue what was on the screen, and it's not going long before I perceive paintings and carvings of animals, opaque and foggy floating and coming in and out of view just in front of the screen, of course I am overly excited about this and I'm shouting about how these images are Mayan, everyone freaks out, scared and it's now obvious they are aware of them as well, the two young pupils run out the door screaming with me not far behind to get them back in class.

As soon as I open the door, I stare down the corridor but there is no sign of them. The classroom door next to ours opens and standing there wanting to know what the commotion is about is a guy I used to work with at a cinema of all places lol! He seems to be a teacher I know as 'Bert' (in fact his name was Gavin, no idea why he should arrive in my dream as 'Bert' lol!) and I go on to tell him what's just occurred. He informs me it happened in his class to and seems to be slightly disturbed at our reaction to it and then closes the door. At that moment I woke up.

I cannot for the life of me imagine why these people after all these years would be running around my head *sheesh*

(and yes, today has been a better day, quiet and better.)


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