Thursday, December 02, 2004

December starts well...
Music: Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn

I am so exhausted, and fuzzy due to lack of sleep. Lets go over my memories of December 1st. I went to bed about 3am, come 4am I become aware of noise, banging, screaming, I freak a little, i'm on my own. Eventually it hits me it's in the main house so I head out to beat the living shit out of someone who shouldn't be there. Security light goes on giving me full range of the living room as I pass the window and I realize it's my brother and a girl i don't recognize dancing and trashing the place. Now, not only am I fucking furious that I'm disturbed but this brainless bimbo is certainly not his fiancee.... I went looney tunes on him and left the house. Cut to a short while later and I can tell more people are in my home. Again, foaming at the mouth in rage by now, I go back in the house to find my brother with the same girl slobbering around him, and that his best friend and his girl has now joined the party. I lost the plot and and then went at his friend who had been with him earlier for letting it happen, giving off and slamming doors so hard I'm amazed they are still in place. So, bro's friend runs out after me saying how my bro really hasn't done anything(like that fucking matters when I have to look the girl he has promised to marry in the face again) and it's all good. I reminded him that on my worst day i'm 20 times smarter than they are on their best... and I haven't bought bull in years.

He said he knew I wasn't going to listen to him and went back to the living room, I left still foaming and tried to sleep again. Come around 7am my window is being beat in and I realize that at some point my brother ahs left and come back and now can't get in the house and needs keys. I ignored him, but he got in the garage and as my door wasn't locked walked in my room and took my keys telling me he'd be right back with them. of course that didn't happen and at 8am in desperate need for a pee lol! i tried to get in the house. No luck. Door locked and brother gone. Now this told me I would have to wait untill my mother arrived home around 8.30am or 9. I sent him a couple of 'get me my fucking keys because because you don't want me to be any angrier right now' messages but got no reply, this because on later discovery, he hadn't taken his phone to work with him.... He phoned later in the afternoon saying he was sorry and that he had been drunk. I told him if he wanted to be a slut and risk hurting someone who had such love and trust in him and who's parents had written from Austrialia so glad their girl was loved and being looked after and how they were looking forward to the big day etc he best keep it to fuck away from our home and that he was so fucking nasty.

I am so gobsmacked at this lack of respect for a relationship, and to be honest, if this is general man behaviour, and I was ever the cynic to begin with, then color me single forever because I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them...

On an upbeat note, I'm off to Florida tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I need it.


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