Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm here! I'm here!!!!!!
Music: Green Day - 'Novacaine'

Well, I hope everyone had a blessed yule and a merry christmas! Things have been pretty hectic the last week, last minute panic gift buying, visits to relatives, visitors galore and obviously masses of alcohol and major over eating. I may still yet explode from it all lol! It also snowed christmas day which was so cool and my brother, his love and myself actually got to make a huge snowman, something we haven't had enough of a snowfall for a long time. Yup, below is our best effort at snowman building, it even has huge stick/branch things for arms but it was dark and they are hard to make out lol!

No laughing, you'll hurt it's feelings :P lol! We proceeded after this to really wrap up and ran around the street having very fun snowball fights lol!. Apart from that I was also spending time with/spoiling the new kitty cat which hasn't been parted from me since it got here, barely leaves my room and demands constant petting and attention unless it is asleep (which is quite a bit let me tell you, I have never known a creature sleep so much!). As it sleeps on my bed, when I decide to go to sleep the cat just moves over enough for me to get in, sneaks under the covers and generally falls asleep for the night with it's head nestled into my neck and it's ickle paw on my arm. It's so cute you could choke lol! It still doesn't have a name, and I only really just bought food in bulk and other things for it because I didn't want to get stuck with a lot of cat foot and stuff if it suddenly decided it remembered where it was supposed to be and disappeared. I'm no a little more confidant that it intends to be here on a pretty long term basis, well I sure hope so :). Right now, once again stretched across my bed in sound, contented kitty sleep it would seem it's happy to be here.

I did pretty well on the pressie front this year, a bottle of JD (woot!), got my fav perfume, 'Pure Poison', a huge square/cubed swiss cheeseesque candle, a whole heap of dvd's such as Kill Bill 1&2 - Scary Movie 3 - Clueless (just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside lol! love that film) - Nightmare On Elm Street 1 to 6 dvd box set and a little box with a rubber blow up dolphin and a cd of dolphin noises for the bath heheheh!

Anyway, that's about it for now, almost 3am and I am sooooooooo damn tired (haven't been sleeping too well for fear of disturbing or squishing poor kitty lol!) I know I shall ahve so much catching up to do!


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