Monday, December 20, 2004

Music: Slipknot - 'Duality'

The last couple of days I have been a total and utter couch potato, only occasionally leaving the chair in front of the TV out of necessity, like food etc. Couldn't get my ass motivated to do anything else, and today I didn't even bother to get out of the PJ's.

Though today, I do seem to have somewhat acquired a new 'friend' at least for tonight. For the last 2/3 days we have had a kitty hanging around the garden, which kept turning the security light on, but I had only fleeting glimpses. Tonight the temp really dropped and hit about -2 my dad on heading into the garage found the aforementioned kitty frozen and curled up around the boiler keeping warm. He got the lil thing some milk and called me. That was a really bad thing to do, I am a total sucker for silver tabby cats and the little being just won me at first glance. We spent ages with it, so cute, so sweet and purring, then left it to sleep. Well I went to go to bed, which means going into the garage as my room is above it and kitty decided s/he was going wherever I was going and made itself comfy lol!

I let it have a wonder and a sniff around, before realizing I was already getting way to attatched and it was going to have to go back down to the boiler. I put it down there, turned off the light and headed up the stairs. The cat beat me back to the room. I put it out again and it sat outside the door and scraped, cried and carried on and I felt like a total bitch. So now the kitty is stretched out and out cold on my bed. I'm such a sucker... But I guess if it even gets one night of comfort before my mother has a fit and chases it, terrifying it within an inch of it's poor life, then it's better than nothing. I could not turn it out into that cold and worry about where it was going to go, would it be ok... Part of me is laughing and thinking would I have been so accommodating if it wasn't a silver tabby? lol!


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