Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mad as all hell....
Music: Fear Factory - 'Cyberwaste'

So..... one of the things I was doing while I was away was seeing Green Day, which I might add was the best gig ever in concert history!!!!!!!! I don't think I was even capable of making any sense or speaking english afterward and I bought everything in sight lol!) Anyway, there were smallish bill boards/hoardings around the railings and stuff on the way up to the venue and I managed to snag one got a huge glass frame for it and knowing it would have to go through a 30min plane journey to get home with me I dilligently secured it in it's polystyrene corners and bubble wrapped it with an entire roll as you can see: (It was then wrapped in brown paper, taped up with my name and address on the front and fragile in massive letters everywhere, including a massive fragile sticker from the airline)

(this is at home just after removed the paper to see the damage)

Upon arriving at the airport and getting my bag my name was called to go to a customer services desk where I was informed it had been 'damaged' and a report was taken. I was obviously upset, exclaiming that it wasn't just damaged it was a like a fucking jigsaw in there from what I heard as he brought it over. On getting it home I removed the paper and took the above snap, I then removed the bubblewrap and below is the condition my entire frame was in although hard to grasp from the first pic:

It's just in tiny pieces, only a couple of half decent bits left that weren't shards. That really pissed me off enough, I mean what the fuck did they do to this thing, very obviously covered in fragile and glass warnings for this to happen, throw it out the cockpit window? The biggest upset is that quite a bit of the picture is nicely scratched up and it's pretty noticable when your near it. I could have cried, unlike the glass, there's no way to replace this and all I can do is reframe and try not to notice the marks here and there. I am suppossed to write to the airline regarding the damage and replacements, got so heated up today I didn't want to wait and got on the phone, and then spent all day getting an engaged tone....


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