Sunday, February 27, 2005

Music: Green Day - 'Holiday'

Gah.... I'm in pain, of the very worst kind. Yup, that which involves teeth. I have a problem with lack of bone on either side of my mouth (Alveolar bone I think, the little sort of stip that holds your teeth in) which means basically they are secured by the gum but can move around inside as it's like 'jelly' without the bone there, at least that's how the dentist described it.

I had chronic recurring inflamation and absess in the right back tooth area which wouldn't clear up and without reason, the tooth was dead. They x-rayed and thus they found out that on both sides the bone just wasn't there. As the problem had been going on so long that right tooth was removed. As the left was deemed fine and wasn't causing the recurring problems, but only occasionally and not on the same scale (except for once when something happened during the night with it which made that side of my face fill with fluid and droop, pulling my mouth down on that side as well and making everyone at work think I'd had a stroke! Antibiotics sorted that little episode out though) they didn't want to go as far as removing it yet. I ahven't had a flair up in forever but I think I may, a couple of days ago, have put too much pressure on it, chewed with it too long and too hard and irratated it. It's fecking aching, stingy all around the gum and I'd gladly pull it myself right now, even my dam cheeck it sore and tender.

I'm tired and grumbly now...and my butt hurts from sitting right on the edge of the chair because the cat has deemed it her bed and I risk 'cat on head scratching my face off' if I move back a little and sit on her... and yeah.... sympathy and stuff please? or Money, yeah, that would make me feel better too thankies!


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