Saturday, March 19, 2005

The day after the night before
Music: Tyrone Relph - 'Sirens Song'

Well I survived, though of course yesterday was a wipeout and I wasn't fit for anything. Myself, my future sister in law and some others met in town, watched the parades for a bit and then headed back to their apartment where my brother and more people were waiting, all this was around 1pm. We started on the Jack Daniels, having a blast tricolours flying and irish music up as loud as we could stand it. Sometime later we finally headed out to the bars, which in all honesty most of us were way to drunk already to have done. It's mostly a blur from then on. I don't remember getting in the taxi, or where I got all the chinese food from but I do have flashes of my bro arranging a taxi and me telling the taxi person how fantabulous they were bcause they agreed to wait for me while I got all the lovely food lol! Having seemingly eaten the food it appeared I crawled into bed where I woke up in the pitch black dazed and confused and realized my cell phone was gone. Thankfully I remembered I had left it on my bro's table and I gave him a call to make sure he would bring it round in the am, that was hysterical, he didn't know where I was, kept asking me if I was still at the bar even though it was him who had got me the taxi so I gave up on that and went back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to find I had obviously decided to get rid of my coat, bag and all it's contents all over the stairs on my way up (duh) and then I realized I couldn't find my glasses which set me off in huge panic as that means very painful heads for sure. I trashed the place trying to find them, still woozy, then to my dismay I looked in the sink to find a mangled,flatned pair of glasses with both lenses lying beside them. My brain wouldn't function at all or tell me how or when this had happened but something wasn't right, they didn't seem to fit or look right and I was still trying to make sense of it, trying to fix the frames and sticking them on my head. Then in an attempt to verify they couldn't be mine I stuck the lenses in front of my eyes and nearly puked and fell over, nope definately not mine. Had I swapped with someone and broken theirs, had I broken someone elses glasses and drunkenly offered mine? I dind't know. I did continue my search in the hope I had come home with my much needed eyewear and thankfully, in the corner of the room seemingly covered in the syrup from the pineapple fritters I had consumed were my glasses. Hurrah for me, no having to explain to irate parents and listening to them for the next millenium about my stupidity.

I did later find out that the glasses were in fact my mum's. In my non sober state I did not remember her coming in the room shortly after I got home before she left for work. She had dropped and stood on her own glasses and just left them in my sink lol!

I guess this is why I don't go out drinking very often... *meep*


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