Friday, March 11, 2005

Music: S.O.A.D. - 'Bounce'

My uncle has been here from early this morning as he's painting/decorating my mum's bedroom for her. A little while ago he asked if he could hop on the computer for a second as he wanted to look up a particular car dealership. It was pretty obvious he had no clue about this machine or what he was doing so I stuck around for a little and helped him find what he wanted. I needed a shower so I left him to it but the whole time im in there I just have this bad feeling lol! (though that's nothing new when leaving my comp in the hands of anyone else especially when they are computer illiterate) just as I hit the top of the stairs heading back for my room he starts shouting for me

Him: 'Come here!, Look at this, what's happening, what is this?!!!'

I walk in the room and, oh joy, porno has hijacked the screen, pop ups abound and there's nothing he can do because well yesh, he hasn't a clue. It seemed to bring up 20 more for every one you tried to take down *rolls eyes*. Nightmare, and took forever to finally get the barrage to stop.

Me: 'What the fuck did you do! What did you click, hit, look for?' 'You broke it' I yell as I poke him and watch all the browsers collapse.

Him: 'I was just looking at the cars! And clicking the thing all over the place cause it wouldn't do what I wanted' (he didn't/couldn't get the hang of the track ball mouse)

He then just points and says 'The mouse did it!' and runs out of the room.

He later returned because my mum was sleeping and he was bored, so he informed me, and proceded to lift my daggers and tell me he could throw them. Before I could speak he had launced my little boot dagger at the wall and left a pretty hole twice.... Bright spark then lifts my dracula's dagger and aims it at my wall too

Me: 'Just don't you fucking dare!' in a high pitched panicked he's gonna wreck all my blades kinda way

Thankfully he put it down while huffing like a kid that had been told they couldn't have sweets. This guy is ahrd work lol! Your certainly kept on your toes when this guy visits *shakes head*


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