Monday, April 11, 2005

I had plans yesterday...
Music: My Chemical Romance - 'I'm Not Ok'

I really did. So much, and so many have been ignored and neglected as I wallow trapped in my own little world trying to wade through and be all I should be, whatever the hell that is. I have been browsing forums, reading blogs but lately my fingers have been freezing above the keys when it comes to participation. I guess this has made me feel pretty crap, it's not like I want to intentionaly have people walk away through my total lack of comuniation. Somebody fix me eh?

Anyway, there were plans yesterday to try and catch up with everything, I woke up feeling pretty ok, but as luck would have it my old friend 'smokey boy' left a message that he was coming over. I guess I wasn't fast enough in replying because by the time I had sent a return message that I was going out to get some bits and pieces he was already here. I wanted to walk to the shop, I needed to move, to be outside for a bit and feel a little better but ohhhhhh noooooooooo!, he wouldn't walk to the toilet if he could avoid it that guy, so after 10 minutes of me: 'we're walking!' him: 'No, get in the car' I gave in. Actually I ended up being pretty glad of the car, I couldn't lift the basket when I'd finished, gods knows how I thought I was getting all the way back home with the stuff *eep*. We got back and he spent the remainder of the day hogging the computer and harrasssing the cat (who definately does not like him, cats have a great, 'fuck you' stare and they can hold it for a long time lol! She actually does it quite a bit I must admit and likes to get in between me and anyone else, meowing in my face like omg! meeeeeeeeeee what about meeeeeeeeeeee!. She's so jealous lol!)

After he left I went in the house and watched the tv for a little but I was just tired in body and mind and had me an early(ish) night. So, there you go, the hopeful catching up was postponed. As the plans for the remainder of this day include getting into town (bleugh, everyone knows how much I hate it) and dealing with the complete mess that is this room (seriously you would slap me if you saw the state I have let this place get into) it won't be happening just right now, but yeah, I demand my head co-operates later ;) This too shall pass as the saying goes.


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