Monday, May 16, 2005

Music: QOTD soundtrack

How wierd... I do not know what in the name of the goddess happened to me today but I was crashing into things all over the place, just couldn't seem to get balanced, getting dizzy. I felt like such a twit. Thankfully later on it settled because good old 'smokey boy' made an appearance and annoyed me more than ususal by living up to his name and the room stinks... yup, I may go postal if anyone smokes heavilly near me for a while... the room's just too small a space. Why can't I just smack him upside the head and tell him go smoke in the hall? I can answer that myself actually, he'd laugh his ass off and carry on and short arsed little me isn't going to move this guy if he doesn't want to.

My brother also just arrived back from Scotland, after this aforementioned drama my sis sent him a ticket to go see her and have a break as soon as he could. He has moments, but he's doing a lot better, one thing I don't think he should have done was phone the girl when drunk off his head and expressed his opinion on the matter in a non very nice way *cough*. She then switched all communication off and he hadn't/hasn't heard a thing since (just over a week ago) bar one message just a day or so ago that she needed more time and pretty much not to contact her. Silly, silly boy.... yes she needed to know he was hurting, ya could have done it at a better time, with a little more tact and when you might remember half of what you rambled at her you goober lol! *shakes head*


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