Sunday, June 05, 2005

Music: Kelly Osbourne - 'Save Me'

I woke up in a blind panic at the realization that in 6 years I will be 40, yes 40. Holy crap. It seemed like such a small time, a blink considering how fast time seems to be racing away to me. Damn this time of year I say, damn to it! The older I get the worse it gets and the more I want to be invisible in the hopes that if I'm very quiet and unnoticed I will be left alone, I won't have to feel the weight of expectation, the pushing and misunderstading from others who, wilth all good intention, would 'make me over' try to turn me into the somone I'm not nor ever wish to be.
My birthday isn't until next month and I'm this paniced already?

Back to reality, I'm off on my travels again on Wednesday. Ozzfest, Ozzfest! *squeak* so until around the 13th it's going to be quiet around here because I'm starting my lil holiday today because well, mr smokey boy has said he's coming to visit, tomorrow I need to get into town and buy my sis her b'day pressent (I have no clue, heelp, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!) and then there is cleaning, clothes washing and packing etc to get around to. You know what, I can't wait, I want the space, the break and to just have non brain using, mind numbing fun. Fantastic. Yes world, go away ha! I will try and catch up on a few things and keep an eye to see how things are coming along with ezboard so I can sort the forums out if things are fixed up before I leave. My friend only has dial up which makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a spork or something so aside from that yup, see you guys on the 13th or so.



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