Monday, September 05, 2005

Music: None

Once again my brother outdoes himself in the 'idiot' stakes. He is in Scotland and due back pretty shortly. Yesterday he was mostly drunk out of his mind, at one point was lying in the driveway by his car, walked into a door nearly decapitating himself, and yeah I laughed, and laughed and pointed lol! The new girlfriend couldn't get a hold of him and when she finally did she was a bit pissed off, he tells her he's coming over for the day, I'm like, 'yeah, riiiiiiiight... sure your gonna Scotland for like half a day!' He dissappeared for a while after hanging up and then the phone went again, a friend of his

Bro: 'You going for a pint? I'm steaming hahahahahahahah! I'm going to bed mate'

Bro: (2 seconds later as he's putting his shoes back on) 'Pick me up on your way past lol lol lol'

Me: 'Thought you were going to bed? Who's picking you up?'

Bro: Huh? Who? Someone's picking me up? Are they really?!'

Me: 'Well you told them too!'

Bro: 'Did I? Hahahahahahaha!

And so on... Anyway, by that stage I was pretty sure since he couldn't remember a conversation he's had a few seconds ago, he wasn't likely to remember about Scotland which I had decided was a good thing. How wrong I was, my phone rings this afternoon and it's him, telling me he'll be back around 2am and I asked him where he was since he hadn't been back since leaving the night before. I was not thinking 'Scotland' was going to be the reply. It was left to me to tell my dad who was already pretty wound up about the state his son was in. The reaction was great to the news that his son wasn't even in the country never mind anywhere near enough home to get his ass back for the meal he'd just made him...... What a dipstick.. and I'm totally not surprised as per usual, neither was my friend (mr smokey dude) who after the initial 'wtf' kinda look proceded to laugh his ass off too.

Now I'm off to bed before the moronically challanged sibling arrives, cause uhhhhh.. I can't be bothered.

Blogger Eldritch said...

lol! And this guy wants to take me out for drinks? ...I-I'm so I hope he's alright though, being highly inebriated is all fun and games until you start running with scissors...or something like that.

6:28 AM  
Blogger mD said...

Lol! He turned up in time to go to work the next day lol! Goober... He'll be reminded about the peomised drink lol!

3:05 AM  

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