Tuesday, September 27, 2005

*Insert drumroll...*
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Well what do you know, I made it back for those small few who might again think I have fallen off the planet. NTL decided to mess up, annoy me, cut me off and in MY 'damn life sucks' pissy moodiness they were informed just what they could do with themselves... In the meantime I've been stuck offline until I could arrange to get me another isp so uhhhhh yuppers for bt/yahoo. Although (as has been the way of things lately) initially that was a complete pain in the ass too because I, having completely lost my marbles, removed from all thought that I might require a phoneline in my room for it to actually work *cough* don't ask, sometimes I'm beyond a moron heh.. (cause like so many don't know this/haven't been on the receiving end already... *sigh*) although ntl hadn't required one so I'm claiming ignorance *looks shifty* Anyway, a new phoneline up here financially just wasn't happening but we finally got a family friend who knows what he's doing to get an extension up here and get things going :)

Aside from that and my friend visiting, my phone crapped up, I managed to trash my glasses so ended up having to get my eyes tested as it was almost 2 years since I'd last had that done and got me some new eyewear, I also managed to find a willing nhs dentist *boogies* and have just had a filling and got my broken crown patched up. My lip, chin and all around the left hand side of my face was frozen it's all gone now so I'm feeling just a little tender and for some reason in the dentist chair I had such a case of the giggles and I was nearly choking to hold it back, so wierd! Anyway, now we're up to speed on why things have been quieter and I haven't got back to, caught up with or been able to respond to anything for a few days. As usual I'll try and muddle through and try not to miss anything.

For now, I'm cold, my nose is running like a left on tap and I want a bottle of red wine dammit *pout* maybe I'll muster the enthusiasim to take a walk, who knows heh..


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