Thursday, October 13, 2005

*Insert dramatic entrance here*
Music: The Rasmus - 'Lucifer's Angel'

I guess I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Not with much to report mind you except that Bowling For Soup rocked and I had major fun, though I really don't think 3 other acts were really needed before they come on *shakes fist* heh... Also I got to poke about Camden which is always yayness. One day the yayness will be in caps because I will actually have money to buy some of the oh so pretty things I wanted.

Right now my mind is kinda everywhere, just before I left my mum had some tests and things didn't look as they should so she is going in tomorrow for another pretty scary thing under anesthetic to find out whether she has, well I don't even want to say the word or think about it actually I think anyone reading will get the gist. I hadn't really wanted to mention it before because that made it way to real and I'm wierd about coping with things like this, It could be nothing, something easilly dealt with but of course she's terrified and it's been quite an emotional couple of days. Anyway, I'm rambling but if you pass by cross your fingers and send out good vibes, they'd be very welcome and handy about now. Hopefuly they'll have been on the wrong track and she'll get some good news.

Now I'm off to keep her company and watch telly for a while and take her mind off things, cause we all know I'm a comedian right ;)

Anonymous Tarrnna said...

*huge hugs* I hope everything is ok with your mom hun. You are most def in my thoughts, as is your mum. Try to hang in there...I'm always here if you want to talk or just get your mind off things. *hugs Hugs & lots of love*

4:06 AM  
Anonymous thurisaz said...

hey hun!

ooooh u been over to my side and didnt tell me! grrr had all this week off and all aah well me and corrina going to see bowling for soup on sunday! i'm not sure were tho lol
i'm sure things will be fine with ur mum hun just cross the bridges as u come to them and try not to think of 'the 'worse'

ps.. how am i a tart? lololol

11:32 AM  
Blogger mD said...

You guys are awesome :D Those were some strong vibes because as reported things seem to be on the not so scary side *hugs!*

Arg!!!!! No fair! I could have dragged you all around camden markets hehe! (not that I have a notion about how far away you are from there anyway, geography hates me lol!) I hope BFS were as good for you as they were for us! We already know mc sucky.... sucked lol!

ps. I listned to 'Kitty Jay' (seth) I was surprised in a good way, it was cool!

PPS. I'm sticking to my 'cause I said so!' lol! ;b

7:29 PM  
Blogger Audrey said...

I am so jealous of you. You get to see all the cool bands. :o( Take me, take me! *Cries*

8:17 PM  
Blogger mD said...

I will I will!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe!! I Lub me some gigs! Can't beleive I may be getting to HIM in Jan woooot! You just can't have enough Ville eek!

4:34 PM  

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